Thursday, 19 April 2012

Inside the ManVan...

The inside of the caravan was in really good condition, we were expecting a lot worse after seeing some disgusting caravans when doing our search.

The park owner warned us that it was a "bit rough" and a "project" so when we opened up the front door, we kind of had our eyes half shut, but were happily surprised when we saw the inside.

The mattress was good, the bunk bed cushions were great, even the oven was clean!  There was a bit of wear on the laminated dining table and side shelf, and the lino floor was a little bit damaged near the door.

There were some windows that wouldn't open and some didn't have fly screens, but the sunroofs were neat and functional with no issues, and the electrical side of things was perfect.  It also had no water damage at all, which was a huge plus!

We both got so excited, but Den had already told me to use my "poker face" because it was so cheap and we didn't want the owner to realise that he was pretty much giving it away!  Like I said we had seen way way worse, for alot more price so we were freaking out about getting this one for only $1800!

We paid for it on the spot, got the keys...and drove home feeling really keen to get started.  But first we had to get it home! Oh yeah, forgot about that bit!

It wasn't registered and had a flat tyre, the owner said it would be ok to tow but he wouldn't recommend it...and as we have never really been "caravan people", and didn't even own a car that could tow it safely...we opted to pay for it to be delivered to our house the following week, it cost about $400 but so worth was hilarious seeing it coming up the road, looked like the titanic rolling up the street!

So here's some pics of the it was before we got stuck in to it...more on that later!

Here is Dennis looking in the caravan just before we bought it! We were so excited!

The kitchen area was in really good shape...

We were really surprised at how good the mattress was...believe me, I am a stickler for a clean mattress!

One of the ends had a little room for bunk beds and a wardrobe...again in great condition.

I really liked this little dining booth area, it was so comfy!  I tried to convince the others that this should stay...

It had a little fridge, we weren't sure if it should stay or not? 

The door wasn't in really good shape, it kind of looked like it had been nailed shut, as the middle piece was meant to open.


This was the only real damaged part of the whole caravan, and we already knew we would be putting a new floor in.

I also liked this bench and wardrobe, it would be handy for Lee to put his things on.

So as you can see, it was a pretty good caravan for such a good price, but we had PLANS for it!

We thought about it all long and hard, didn't rush into anything, we didn't want to start gutting it until we had kind of slept on it (and IN it) for a while, lol...but we decided that it was best if it was more of a spare room than a caravan, he didn't need the kitchen and dining table, he wanted to sleep and hang out in it more than cook in it, lol x

More pics to come soon of us getting stuck in!

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