Monday, 23 April 2012

BBQ Makeover

We recently bought a new barbecue and we didn't need our old wooden one anymore.  But instead of throwing it away or selling it, I had PLANS for it!! lol

I got Den to remove the grill plate and gas pipes etc, to just leave me with a wooden frame.

Then after fixing it up a bit, as it was a bit wonky, I chose a nice bright paint colour and got to work...

Now I use it as a lovely planter stand!

We've got heaps done on the ManVan this past weekend, can't wait until it's finished, I can finally start to see the end...I'll put more pics up tomorrow.

Still looking for a job, it's been so nice being home these past 3 months, but my time money is running out.  Had another job interview today, seemed like a really nice place to work...and I also have an interview on Friday, a really stressful one.  Oh boy, I feel like it's starting to get close!

Bye for now! xx

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