Friday, 20 April 2012

Getting the ground ready....

We have a large backyard, but really only one place for the Caravan to go, and it wasn't level.  Our whole backyard is on two different levels, higher at  the back and to the right, which meant previously when we were putting up our pergola and getting our pavers laid, it was a big job.  Lots of work to get the ground level.

So to get the ManVan in place, we had alot of work to do first, we had to make it flat, and build a retaining wall.

We had to get it done fast too.  The Bob-Cat had to get in to the backyard before the van was delivered, so it was a rush.

We placed some gravel down and dolomite to make it nice and hard, the van weighs a ton so it had to be sturdy.  We actually cut out an area for the doorway, so getting in and out of the van would be covered, we are planning on building a shelter type thing once it's in place.  Maybe even a little decking area?

Anyhoo, here are some more pics of us getting the area ready...the van hasn't been put in this area as yet, because we thought it would be much easier to do the work on it while it was sitting out in the yard a bit more.  Once it goes into it's final spot, it will be a tight squeeze, so hopefully we are almost ready to put that in soon.
This is looking out from the back door

Obviously this is looking from the other way

This is when we first got it all dug out!!  Oy Oy Oy, we had one of those know the ones, when we wanted to turn back

Den's son came around to help...sort

This is when all the dolomite started getting laid out.

Lee and Den starting to level it all out

Lee is heaps excited!

Bubby was all excited too! Love her x

We had to change to clothes line too as the other one went across the back yard.

So this is where it has stayed ever since, we are finishing off the retaining wall and the inside of the van before moving it in to it's final place.

This is how it looked before THE MANVAN arrived...sometimes I kind of miss having my backyard like this...but then


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