Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I Have Plans for the ManVan...

I've been trying to decide how to start posting on my blog.  I want to be able to show you all the different projects I've either done, or am still doing.

So, I thought the best way would be to slowly get through each project with maybe a week or so of dedicated posts, then the following week, start on another project.  Then as we continue doing the project, do follow up posts etc.  Get it?? No neither do I sorry. haha

The first thing I want to show you all is the 23ft Caravan we purchased last year for my son.  He is going to live in our backyard! We bought it for $1800 and have gutted it and are almost ready to start painting and decorating it. YAY!!

Here's some photos of when we first bought it and got it home. It was an effort to push it up our driveway let me tell you...or so it looked from where I was sitting...wha?

It's a bit rough around the edges, but exactly what we were looking for...a DO-ER-UPP-ER!! Yay.

We found it at one of our favourite Caravan Park in the Southern Vales of Adelaide, it was an old on-site van which was for sale... this section of the park looked like an old caravan grave site, wish we could have bought them all!! Muwahahahaha...

Lee loved it when we first got it delivered to our home, he spent hours and hours in it...just dreaming about his PLANS for it! lol

It only just fit up our driveway!

I think it looks really cosy...

Bubby loves it but tries to act like she doesn't lol 

We rounded up help to push it up the driveway, Den's eldest son and his cousin, Lee and Den found it hard, such a tight squeeze.

We had a few laughs but I have to admit, there were a few words that a young lady like myself shouldn't have to hear!

We were so relieved to finally get it in it's first resting place.  We've had to do it in three stages, as we were still doing the work to get the area flat and retaining wall finished.  

But we spent alot of time just hanging out it in, my son Lee and I would just sit and chat about exciting things like paint colour, curtains and things like that, I think he's caught the reno bug now!

I've got more photos coming up next time showing the inside and all the work that we've done so far...stay tuned!



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